I researched so that you don't have to: Free Sample Websites!

What Free Sample Website Are Updated on A Regular Basis, And Which Ones Are Not?The numbering of this list is not in any type of order, meaning number 8 could be a favorite while number 5 is a dud. 
Searching for free sample websites can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, which is why I've created this blog. I recently took up ordering free samples, and most of these websites that I've come across that other blogs have posted about don't update their pages. This means that you will be clicking on expired links one after another, and it gets old. So, like the title suggest, I'll be doing research, and providing you all with a weekly updated list of websites who constantly keep their pages updated with actual free samples. If a site that is on this list fails to update their page, then they will to be taken off the list.

So here's to the websites that actually keep their free samples updated, and ready for you to order:

1.  Free Samples This website is the …