I researched so that you don't have to: Free Sample Websites!

What Free Sample Website Are Updated on A Regular Basis, And Which Ones Are Not?

The numbering of this list is not in any type of order, meaning number 8 could be a favorite while number 5 is a dud. 

Searching for free sample websites can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, which is why I've created this blog. I recently took up ordering free samples, and most of these websites that I've come across that other blogs have posted about don't update their pages. This means that you will be clicking on expired links one after another, and it gets old. So, like the title suggest, I'll be doing research, and providing you all with a weekly updated list of websites who constantly keep their pages updated with actual free samples. If a site that is on this list fails to update their page, then they will to be taken off the list.

So here's to the websites that actually keep their free samples updated, and ready for you to order:

1.  Free Samples 

This website is the only website that I have been able to order free samples back to back. There are a few duds, however, I got all the way to page fifteen before I finally got o a stopping point. 

2.  Freeflys

This is also another great website, however, I have ran into a lot of expired freebies on here. On the other hand I have ordered more freebies than I have had expired ones. So even thought there are a few duds, there is double real, and legitimate links that take you to actual freebies.

3.  Free Stuff

Almost every single link I found on this page was expired, and/or no longer working. Most of them were from a month to a few months ago. I even came across some from 2016. 

4.  I Love Free Things

This one there is an equal amount of expired links as there is updated links. Most of the links are not just sign your information in, and go. It is a lot of clicking through links, and I'm beginning to think that number one on this list is the best website so far for finding free samples. 
I'm actually thoroughly impressed with this website, and though there are a few links that are expired they keep their website pretty updated. Be aware that many of these links take you through many other links until you finally get to the free product. REMEMBER TO PAY ATTENTION, AND IF YOU HAVE TO PUT YOUR CARD INFORMATION IN, DON'T! IT'S NOT A FREE SAMPLE IF IT ASK FOR YOUR CARD INFORMATION!

6. Just Free Stuff

By far one of the best free sample websites I've come across. I would put this website up there right beside Free Samples. This site and FreeSamples.org are the two website I have found the most, and ordered the most free samples from. From the looks of it, this one also stays updated. 

7. Woman Freebies 

This is another great website, on the downside there are many expired links. Just today I visited this site to find that the first freebie offered is expired. However, the ones that I've found on this site are usually good freebies. So if your into searching for a needle in a hay stack, go for it!

8. Bzz Agent

Lets talk about Bzz Agent, is it that great? Well, I don't know yet! However, I'm testing it out, and if it is does work, and is just as wonderful as it seems I will surely let you know! However, for right now, I have not received one freebie from this website.

Lastly, some tips while searching for free samples online:

I said it once, and I'll say it again if it ask for you card info don't give out that type of information. It's not a free sample if it ask for that type of info. 

Next, your email... I would highly advise using, and/or creating a junk email for searching for free samples. you will have to give out your email in order to receive most of these free samples, so just be ready for a TON of junk email to come your way. Which is why the smart thing to do, is to create a Junk email, and use only that email for ordering free product.

Thank you for reading! 

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ps. If there is a website that should be on this list, or you think should be updated, please, let me know, and I will update as soon as I can!